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Words have always had a special significance in my life as there were always two of them for everything from birth: two labels for every object, two shades for every feeling, and two nuances for every mood. 

I was born in Finland into a bilingual family and attended Komeetta and Espoo International schools and then lived for a year in France as an exchange student,  before moving to the UK where I did the International Baccalaureate and read English Literature at Exeter University.

My love of words is rooted in my literature studies, culminating in achieving a Distinction in MA English Literature from Bristol University with a thesis about Shakespeare in performance.

During my studies I worked at a range of higher education organisations in a variety of student services roles. (I was voted Student Employee of the Year 2014 at Exeter University).

I co-founded and scaled a successful digital agency in the UK, growing it to seven figures and 30 members of staff in less than three years. I know how to train, mentor, and inspire in-agency and in-house writers, as well as how the UK agency world works.

My clients have ranged from big global tech companies to social justice ecommerce brands and one-person passion projects. I can bring my particular brand of copywriting and content magic to a wide range of organisations.

I am a content marketer with a solid technical and SEO foundation which allows me to consult on a range of digital projects where words and technology collide.


  • Finnish
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Smattering: Swedish, Italian, Russian

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