So I had an awesome time speaking at this year’s brightonSEO!

  • My talk page is here
  • + here are the resources I created for the talk (including an SEO comms matrix)
  • Check out my slides below:

But enough about me! Here are some of the awesome talks I attended… and I will be watching even more on replay. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge so generously! It was an honour to share the virtual stage with you.

How Content Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Brand Authority – Amanda Milligan

Amanda’s talk was really engaging and there were plenty of insights on what great content actually is! She is the Marketing Director at Fractl and you can follow her on Twitter here.


How To Solve Problems You’ve Not Seen Before In SEO – Mat Davis

An inspiring reminder from Mat from Vanarama to keep digging when you encounter unexpected SEO problems!

Great case study on how to troubleshoot SEO/migration problems and I loved the realness. Mat on Twitter.

How to Create a Comprehensive Guide Hub That Your Audience Cares About – Lucy Dodds

Lucy’s talk was a really insightful content hub deep-dive with some really practical advice on what makes great guide content. I loved the points about satisfying E-A-T principles and using author bios. Plus, great reminder to check your content for typos: small details like that can really erode user trust.

Lucy was representing Evolved Search and you can follow her on Twitter here.

How to Optimize Your Product Page for Amazon – Kailin Witte

I am no Amazon pro, but find the world of product pages endlessly fascinating! Great actionable points on offering users (and bots) the right kind of product data. Especially great to see a focus on shopper experience.

Kailin’s Twitter is here and website is

How to Prioritize EVERYTHING – Mary Albright

This presso blew my mind a little bit! As well as great story, Mary shared some really actionable formulas on how to prioritise SEO work. A really cool approach and lots of commmercial applications. There is a formula for everything!

Mary’s Twitter is here and Mary represented WPromote.


5 Steps To Position Yourself As The Expert – How To Break Down Barriers & Get Buy In – Sophie Brannon

This was a really brilliant talk from Sophie that really resonated with me. Great advice on how to position yourself as an expert, and very reassuring to see that these feelings and barriers are a shared experience! Great, actionable advice.

Sophie’s Twitter is here and the talk was representing Absolute Digital.


Working with Remote Teams – Connecting through the Virtual Interface – Kristy Dean

Working virtually and connecting with people from around the world can be stressful. So it was great to sit in and listen to Kristy’s talk. Lots of practical advice and stories from multiple different angles and viewpoints.

Kirsty shared a great point on ‘self-serving’: share data and information in a clear way so that people can access it themselves! Cuts down on messages…

Her Twitter is here and you can connect with her on LinkedIn too.


How to create harmony between SEOs & developers & get your SEO tickets implemented – Sara Moccand-Sayegh

Fantastic, hands-on talk from Sara that definitely resonated with me! Sara is definitely a guru at developer communication and has a brill approach to ticketing and sharing knowledge.

Sara represented Liip and her Twitter is here.


Tug Agency presents: Developing search strategies for new product launches, when search volume doesn’t exist

Great presso from Eilish on how to launch a product in a search-friendly way, even when there is no existing search data for your brand. Using oat milk as a tangible example, this talk was a great reminder to prioritise search from day one! So much potential for product development, branding, content….

Eilish’s Twitter is here and she was talking for Tug Agency.

Website Migration 101, not 404 – Richard Hird

As somebody who does a lot of migration work, Richard’s point about whether your migration is offensive or defensive really resonated with me. It is important to look beyond the technology to the business case underneath.

Stickyeyes website here, Twitter here.

SEO Audits are (mostly) bollocks – How to make them better – Geoff Kennedy

100% agree with Geoff’s points about SEO audits: they can be nightmarish 100-page documents of obscure technical jargon, or very superficial and essentially just cobbled together from SEO tools. Audits are such an important thing to talk about in the industry.

And, as we discussed in the Q&A after our talks, consider ditching the audits altogether and embrace a more iterative approach to improving a site.

Geoff is from Sitebulb and his Twitter is here.

No slides, but plenty of resources:

Control Your Indexability – Areej Abuali

What a packed talk! So many practical tips on indexing, but also a focus on communicating SEO work properly. Great point: drop the 100-page audit, focus on prioritising recommendations that will actually make a difference.

Areej’s website is here and you can connect with here on Twitter here.


DeepCrawl presents: Are you there Page Experience? It’s me, Dev Tools.

A great technical talk for demystifying DevTools! Loved the explanation of things like CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). This talk inspired me to delve into Page Experience even more!

Talk representing DeepCrawl, Rachel on Twitter here, Jamie on Twitter here

10 easy and powerful SEO and CRO Improvements for eCommerce – Luke Carthy

One of the first talks of the conference, and it did not disappoint! Packed with practical advice for creating a better shopping experience for your users. Loads of pitfalls to avoid and best practice to follow!

Luke on Twitter and his website is here.

The future of SEO in Fashion and Beauty- Tasha Amponsah-Antwi

An industry-specific talk is always a great way to pick up really precise knowledge. There was lots of advice in here that resonated, especially the points about conversational journeys!

Tasha represented Reprise Digital and her Twitter is here.

That’s all folks! Bring on the next one! 🔥🔥🔥