Kayleigh Töyrä

I successfully co-founded a digital agency and scaled its turnover to £1.5 million in just a few years, growing the team from a handful of copywriters to a world-class content team.

My main areas of expertise revolve around creating compelling content, creative digital marketing, copywriting, business strategy, and content and copywriting execution and leadership.

I always love talking to people about how they can make the most of digital. This could be anything from what ecommerce platform to use to how to improve content marketing ROI.

I am well-versed in how agencies can develop their brands and sell themselves to staff, clients, and investors. I love seeing agencies doing different things and staying clear of agency stereotypes.

  • User-advocacy & SEO strategy
  • Business strategy & aligning marketing with commercial goals
  • Content marketing strategy & creating winning content teams
  • Copywriting & editorial development
  • Multilingual & international marketing
  • Branding, content & internal communications for agencies.

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