“The forest answers in the same way that we shout at it.” — Finnish proverb

Is content marketing the answer?

(And what, more importantly, was the question?).

Content is becoming more and more fractured. Formats are changing.

A lot of what’s being published, consumed, and shared these days does not even look like “content”.

And a lot of content isn’t being found at all.

In fact, there’s an embarrassment at the heart of content marketing: failure.

How do we track success? How do we track ROI? How do we communicate value?

Enter existential crisis.

The truth is, content marketing is not going to work for everyone. It never has.

We lied.

The real question is — do we want to engage with the difficult questions that creating content requires?

It’s by engaging with questions, thinking, and really digging deep that great content comes into life.