A lot of my client work is confidential and I use writing personas to protect my identity as a ghostwriter. I have, however, ventured out as myself a few times for some projects. Here’s some examples of my work and some nice things people said about me. (Which is always nice).

Some stuff I have recently written:

My Contently Portfolio
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Review of The Tempest for online Shakespeare Magazine
Review of Macbeth for online Shakespeare Magazine

Here are some recent testimonials:

“As a freelance SEO consultant, I rely on Kayleigh for my clients’ content work. Her writing is intelligent, creative and optimised. She has the ability to completely emulate a client and come across as an expert in that field. Kayleigh’s ghost-writing has been published on popular sites around the web and even leading industry publications. She is more than just a writer too. Her knowledge of digital marketing ensures her work is found and fulfils its objective. I have worked with many writers during my career, Kayleigh has been the best.” Gareth Simpson, Digital Consultant Bristol

“A knowledgeable and enthusiastic young writer with a fresh and upbeat perspective, Kayleigh has brought a bright new voice to the magazine.” Pat Reid, Founder and Editor, Shakespeare Magazine

“Kayleigh wrote a range of articles for me for my site and I was happy with the quality of the content, delivery and budget. She needed very little guidance and just got on with it.” Guy Baker, http://waasupp.com/