Writing is always about taking a journey somewhere, about creating a new space. Digital copywriting is a great way to carve out your own digital space, whether it’s for a brand, your business or yourself. Writing digitally for a business or a brand is all about finding the right words at the right time to increase online visibility, engage customers and fine-tune brand messaging.

Life of a digital copywriter

I’m a professional multilingual writer & content marketer who specialises in digital & SEO copywriting. I’m passionate about the digital industry, as well as about the arts and poetry. I’ve worked across a tonne of industries and with a whole range of people, so nothing much tends to faze me any more! Seriously, I’ve written on a lot of niche topics.

I like intellectually challenging projects and writing that allows me to be creative. I’m half-Finnish so I also like writing content about the Nordics, a topic I’m hoping to explore more.

What do I do? Portfolio. Me. Contact.