Minusta on ihanaa tukea suomalaista osaamista maailmalla, ja tuoda suomalaisia tarinoita esille suuremmalle yleisölle. Suomalaiset ovat usein turhan vaatimattomia…

As a qualified British/Finnish writer, I have a proven track record of translating a wide range of texts into English from Finnish.

With an MA Distinction in English Literature (Bristol University) and experience as a project manager and editor, I am able to deal with complex translation and transcreation projects with ease.

With my unique mixture of bilingualism and biculturalism, I can bring a deep sense of understanding to the Finnish translation work that I do.

I see translation as an opportunity to consider branding, tone of voice, and cultural accuracy. There is no better feeling than successfully explaining a point of Finnish culture to a wider audience. 

As well as technical and digital translation in the tech and marketing sphere, I am also primed for more creative translation work: poems, playtexts, creative work, brochures, bids, short stories, novels, etc.

I also run bilingual poetry workshops (Finnish & English) to help people express themselves creatively in Finnish, and I write about Finnish culture and literature in English (for fun).

  • Finnish/English native speaker (I also speak fluent French and passable Spanish)
  • BA English Literature, Exeter, MA English Literature Distinction, Bristol
  • Bicultural and bilingual understanding
  • Technical writer with extensive digital and marketing experience
  • Project and client management/briefing in Finnish
  • Proofreader & editor (used to managing up to 10-20 writers at a time)
  • Heavily invested in technology, the arts, and culture (both sides of the Baltic Sea)

Recent translation projects:

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