As a British/Finnish writer, I can translate a wide range of copy and content into English from Finnish. With a Masters in English literature and a proven track record as writer and editor, I see translation as an opportunity to consider branding, tone of voice, and cultural accuracy.

Living in the UK for the past 14 years means I am up-to-date with the British cultural and linguistic scene and I have translated a wide range of text for international markets.

  • Finnish/English native speaker
  • Bicultural and bilingual understanding
  • Technical writer
  • Project management/briefing in Finnish if required
  • Access to a wide range of UK contacts
  • Proofreader & editor (used to managing up to 10-20 writers at a time)
  • Heavily invested in technology, the arts, and culture (both sides of the Baltic Sea)
  • Proficient digital marketer (social media, SEO, WordPress etc).

Recent translation projects:

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